Arbor Health | Arbor Health and Life | Annual Report 2020

Dear community member, This annual report is one of many firsts for Arbor Health in recent months. We hope you find it informative. As you look through these pages, you will see that we have a lot going on in our facilities. The clinics, the hospital, the sleep center—everyone is striving to meet the health care needs of our community. Our guiding principles for what we do and how we plan to achieve our goals are stated on this page: Our Vision statement gives us direction— it is what we aim to accomplish tomorrow. Our Mission statement drives our organiza- tion for today as well as shapes our culture. This is who we are and what we are all about. Our Core Values serve as moral direction for our staff, defining the truths we encourage our Arbor Health family to adopt and embrace. Pulling together We certainly felt the challenges of 2020 at Arbor Health, just as I know you have in your personal life. However, Lewis County has something that is hard to find elsewhere— when times are tough, we pull together. Let’s continue pulling as one team and hold each other high. I can tell you one thing for sure—at Arbor Health, we care like crazy—and we are committed to showing it through our actions. Our Vision To provide accessible, quality health care Our Mission To foster trust and nurture a healthy community Core Values ● One team, one mission. ● Go out of your way to brighten someone’s day. ● Own it, embrace it. ● Care like crazy. ● Motivate, elevate, appreciate. ● Know the way, show the way, ease the way. ● Find joy along the way. Leianne Everett, CEO ARBOR HEALTH AND LIFE is brought to you by Arbor Health Foundation as a community service for the friends and patrons of ARBOR HEALTH, P.O. Box 1138, Morton, WA 98356, telephone 360-496-5112. Information in ARBOR HEALTH AND LIFE comes from a wide range of medical experts. If you have any concerns or questions about specific content that may affect your health, please contact your health care provider. Models may be used in photos and illustrations. 2021 © Coffey Communications, Inc. All rights reserved.