Arbor Health | Arbor Health and Life | Annual Report 2020

ARBOR HEALTH FOUNDATION 521 Adams Ave. Morton, WA 98356 ‘Thank you, all’ Morton Hospital (inpatient care) “I had the most wonderful nurses and doctor caring for me at the Morton Hospital during my recent stay. They were respectful and car- ing and professional. I felt safe and cared for. We’re so lucky to have medical care of this quality in our community.” Emergency Department “I was very pleased with my care by the emergency department staff, by the room nurse and aide, by the doctor, by the anesthetist, the operating room staff—everyone in my care.” Transitional Care Rehab “I recently spent over five weeks at Morton Hospital! I cannot say enough about the excellent care I received. Every person from house- keeping, CNAs, RNs and doctors were all wonderful and caring. I had my favorites, but all were great. I am still coming over twice a week for OT and PT and am greeted by all those I met. They all give me en- couragement and praise. I actually miss being there!” Mossyrock Clinic “I have been attending Arbor Health since it was Riffe Medical since I moved here in 1999. I have always been very pleased with the care I have received and with the employees and the personnel of the clinic—and it becoming Arbor Health has not changed any of that. I will continue to be going there as long as I am able to get there.” Wound Care Clinic “I am so glad I got to meet Kathy Blake. She saved both my legs. Thank you, Kathy! You’re an angel in nurse’s clothing.” Morton Clinic “(What I feel about) Arbor Health Clinic is all the nurses and doctors are very friendly, and I feel like they’re more family and friends.” Randle Clinic “Everything was very, very good there. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” Rehabilitation services “Best group around! Everyone in that department really cares about their patients!” Sleep Center “I decided to take my care for my sleep issues to Arbor Health because I was being seen by a chain company that was very impersonal and not really up on my care. I received very personal care (at Arbor Health) and up-to-date treatment instead of waiting months and then having to re-introduce myself every time. This person took great care in reading my test in the moment. I stood there and watched them download my information. I was very impressed and feel like I’m going to get great care.” Surgery Department “The anesthetist was truly caring and brilliant. She spent time talk- ing about other pain conditions and treatments. The concern and care of all hospital staff is impres- sive and appreciated. Thanks to Dr. Anderson, who is truly amaz- ing. So glad that he practices at Arbor Health.” Radiology “We have great peace and comfort knowing we have such a great hospital and staff available for our medical needs. Thank you, all. Keep up the good work.” Our patients share their experience Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID WallaWalla, WA Permit No. 44 Colleen Smith, RT, readies her patient for a pulmonary function test.