Arbor Health | Arbor Health and Life | Winter 2019-20

WINTER 2019–20 CELEBRATING A TRADITION OF EXCELLENT, PERSONALIZED CARE Inside 3 PT and OT: Game changers for recovery 5 Heartburn? Here’s how to cope Do you have some spare time today? Why not spend it doing something that just might save your life: mak- ing an appointment with your health care provider to talk about cancer screenings. Getting screened is crucial—for yourself and your loved ones. Early detection + prevention Cancer is often easier to treat before it causes signs or symptoms, like a lump or a new pain. Certain tests and exams help detect some types of cancer—such as breast, colon, cervical and lung cancers—early, before you might notice anything is wrong. A few screenings can even help prevent cancer. For instance, a Pap smear can detect precancerous cell changes in the cervix, which can be treated before they become cancer- ous. And during a colonoscopy, a doctor can find and remove growths (polyps) that often cause cancer. Here’s another potential bonus of cancer screenings: Your test may even help protect your loved ones from cancer. How? If a test detects cancer in you, it could mean your family is also at risk and needs to be screened. Which screenings you need and when depends on your age and other factors. Your provider can determine what’s best for you. Sources: American Cancer Society; American Society of Clinical Oncology Do it now: Get screened FOR CANCER Make the call Your primary care provider is your best guide for cancer screenings. Need a provider? For an appointment, call the Mossyrock Clinic at 360-983-8990 or the Randle Clinic at 360-497-3333 .